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RUIN Gaming is primarily an Alliance World of Warcraft War Mode PvP guild. We operate on a lot of servers.

RUIN an expansive multi game community in search of outstanding members based on Discord. Organized large scale Player versus player and progression raiding are the primary in game objectives of RUIN.

Founded to support Diablo II in early 2000, RUIN has expanded throughout Activision Blizzard games. A focus on massive multiplayer role playing games and open world sandbox environments.

RUIN has a long history in other massive multiplayer games, including: Age of Conan and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Continuing to expand, evolve and grow as a community Ruin is now present throughout Activision Blizzard games and across the spectrum of online gaming.


RUIN seeks to create an engaging virtual community setting intended to allow our members to experience and enjoy their personal Hero’s Journey across many different platforms. By providing the best in genre user generated content and entertainment.

RUIN is building an expansive virtual community open to all. We believe that virtual communities can provide an ideal environment to empower those with disabilities to socialize, engage and contribute their talents. Together we can all experience epic storytelling across a spectrum of intellectual properties and gaming universes. 

A vision for a more productive, symbiotic relationship with developers will engender what we have always envisioned, bringing virtual communities into a fully realized and complete state. 

Our community has a broad range of skill sets, life experiences and gaming backgrounds to provide developers with an unparalleled opportunity for in depth unbiased feedback.

RUIN invites game developers to actively engage with our community to collaborate on quality of life improvements within the massive multiplayer genre. Our focus on massive scale player versus player battle environments across the MMORPG genre. 

Our goal is to provide exciting user generated community content, share the experience on current and upcoming games via social media: Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon


RUIN is dedicated to continually reinforcing a positive learning environment in order to foster experienced, educated, insightful, reflective community members and leaders.

RUIN is creating a culture of continual learning and support for our members. Virtual communities offer enormous potential for connection and engagement with people from all over the world. 

RUIN is committed to creating a welcoming environment for everyone, with a long term goal of enriching the lives of veterans, those with disabilities, service men and women worldwide and all those who desire to share in the monumental potential of virtual communities that provide for the basic human needs of interaction, connection and a shared experience. 


RUIN is a virtual Massive Multiplayer Online organization focused primarily on the player versus player aspects of several online games. Our mission is to provide an inclusive, civil and entertaining space to play games within a like minded community and to interact with game developers in order to preserve, improve and expand the community’s online universe.